The Best Running Shoes For High Arches – Ultimate Buying Guide

Striding with the best running shoes for high arches is an entirely surreal experience. If you have this issue, running must have always been a pain, as your feet will cramp up quickly. With the help of the right shoes, however, you can run just as well as normal people.

There are just too many kinds of shoes available on the market. Determining a suitable option has become quite a challenge. That is why we put together this list to show you the best ones and the reason why we chose them.

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The Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Here are the 10 best options for runners with high arches. Each of these has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

1. Under Armour Charged Assert 8 - Best Overall

Under Armour Charged Assert 8 women high arches running shoes
What we like
  • Dual-layer midsole
  • 12 mm sole offset
  • Charged cushioning tech
What should be improved
  • Relatively heavy

Many people have heard of Under Armour through the Rock, but not many know that their first experience of fame comes from designing shoes. The Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes are prime examples of their design, much better than any competitor.

We must, first and foremost, applause Under Armour for their ingenious idea of adding a dual-layer midsole, improving the cushion. All runners with high arches know just how much of a pain striding in un-cushioned shoes can be. With these shoes, your foot will receive a 12 mm offset.

That’s not all; the cushiony feel is further enhanced thanks to the charged cushioning tech. This tech makes use of compression molded foam to provide optimal energy return as well as cushioning. No matter how hard you stomp the ground, you will feel no pain.

We do want to note that these shoes are not good choices for running marathons. Due to the focus on the cushion and comfort, these shoes are slightly on the heavy side.

2. Nike Revolution 5 running shoes - Best Design

Nike Revolution 5 high arches sneakers
What we like
  • Firm rims and shank
  • Good cushioning
  • Outsole supporting midsole properly
What should be improved
  • Taking a while to completely fit

We doubt that there is someone who hasn’t heard of the name Nike; it’s just simply impossible. So, how did Nike manage to accrue worldwide recognition? The answer lies in their specialized design for each pair of shoes, and the Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes being a perfect example.

You will be especially impressed by how Nike combined the best of both worlds within these shoes. First of all, they make use of their Boost tech to provide an abundance of soft cushioning. They then utilized a plastic Torsion shank alongside some firm EVA rims to retain stability.

You should not overlook the outsole, as it does play a major part, too. At first glance, you will see that the underside of these shoes is covered by latticed rubber. This cover, while thin, can support the midsole significantly, improving your running experience.

There is a need to spend some time to completely break into the toe box. It is not that much of an issue in general situations. Nonetheless, some people may find it annoying.

3. PUMA Tazon 6 FM - Best Ankle Support

PUMA Tazon 6 running shoe for high arches
What we like
  • Amazing ankle support
  • Rubber sole for high arch runners
  • Long service life
What should be improved
  • Tangible lace material accumulating dirt quickly

PUMA is, without any doubt, a respected shoe manufacturer, despite not being nearly as popular as Nike or Adidas. The reason for this recognition lies in their tech, which is always trendsetting. This time, the PUMA Tazon 6 FM Running Shoes continue the tradition with its great ankle support.

All runners have at least once felt a sharp pain in their ankles whenever they change direction too quickly. With these shoes, that issue will no longer plague you, as it has a wide, plush tongue. The heel collars are also heavily padded, further improving the brace on your ankles.

There is also a rubber sole to help high arch runners be more confident while running. While the offset amount is not as high as that of the Under Armour Charged 8, it is still respectable. You will not feel any pain while wearing them, even if your high arch problem is severe.

The biggest weakness within these shoes lies in their lace material. As it is quite tangible in nature, the material can accumulate debris as well as dirt fairly quickly. You should be prepared to wash the shoes each time you finish a running session.

4. Fila Memory Reckoning 7 – Best Slip Resistance

Fila Memory Reckoning 7 Steel Toe Slip Resistant for high arches
  • Rubber outsole
  • Memory foam sock liners
  • Integrated perforations
  • Midsole’s rubber falls off easily

These days, it’s hard to find a natural running track, so many have to settle for running in the city. However, this type of running carries an unexpected risk, which is slipping. The Fila Men's Memory Reckoning 7 Steel Toe Slip Resistant Running Shoe can perfectly solve this problem, though.

This pair of shoes enlists the help of a solid outsole, being made completely from rubber. Thanks to this choice, the friction force is more than enough to keep your feet firmly on the ground. You do still need to be careful on surfaces too slick for the outsole to work.

Besides, the body of these shoes is mainly stitched from lightweight memory foam sock liners. People who have experience with running know just how much breathability this feature can provide. That’s not all; the inside also has integrated perforations.

However, we are not very impressed with how easy the rubber can fall off the midsole. You do not want this issue happening while running, as it will ruin the whole experience.

5. Brooks Ghost 13 – Best Cushion

Brooks Ghost 13 women running shoes for high arches
  • Perfect cushioning placement
  • Comfortable Ortholite sock liner
  • Internal stretch plush bootie
  • No breathability

The best running shoes for high arches are always packed with all kinds of cushions. Their main job is to minimize all high-impact forces and prevent the collapsing of arches. In this aspect, the Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes does quite an exemplary job.

Compared to older products, Brooks gave this one at least 20% more cushion. As a result, you will get one serious ride of luxury each time you run while wearing them. The ratio between outsole and midsole has been reconfigured, allowing for some additional underfoot softness.

Brooks also added an Ortholite sock liner, providing a premium feel whenever you step in the shoes. This feature, when working with the internal stretch plush bootie, will expand the unique shape of your foot mid-stride. In other words, the more you run, the lesser trouble your high arch causes.

The biggest issue observed about these shoes is  their lack of breathability. This problem is especially serious in the upper part of the forefoot. As a consequence, the temperature regulation capability of these shoes is minimal.

6. ASICS Gel-Excite 6 – Best Durability

ASICS Gel-Excite 6 – Best Durability high arch sneakers
  • Highly durable
  • AmpliFoam midsole
  • Good support around the arch
  • No waterproof feature

Running shoes, especially running shoes for high arch people, tend to take a whole lot of damage. Not many people know, but high-arch runners tend to place a much larger force onto their foot with each step. That is why you will need a durable option like the ASICS Gel-Excite 6.

As they are made from high-quality synthetic-and-mesh materials, there is hardly anything capable of destroying them. The AmpliFoam midsole also helps tremendously due to its capability to channel the force across the shoes. There is no focused impact, so there is no damage.

The material of the part extending from the toe box to the midfoot is also interesting. It will add in some critical support in the saddle area circulating your arches. Your foot will be locked down as securely as possible, yet the shoes do not sacrifice either breathability or stretchiness.

We do believe that you should know that these shoes do not have proper waterproof features. In other words, they are practically unusable if there is rain.

7. ALTRA Paradigm 4.5 – Best Value

ALTRA Paradigm 4.5
  • Affordable price
  • Integrated StabiliPods
  • Heavy cushion
  • Not durable

Despite popular belief, most people who run are restrained by a budget. That is why the need for shoes that offer reliable value for the money has never gone down. Fortunately, we have found just the right product, the ALTRA Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoes.

In spite of being incredibly affordable, these shoes still have some of the best techs that we have seen. One of them is the Integrated StabiliPods, which stick your foot tightly to add more stability. Most people with high arches aren’t good at balancing, so they will appreciate this feature.

The flush cushion also excites us, as its durable material can dampen impacts significantly. Furthermore, it covers quite a huge area, lessening the pain each time you make full contact with the ground. You will get excellent traction running through paved surfaces.

Our only complaint about this product is about the overall durability. You should not expect a long service out of these shoes, as the maximum they can go is 500 miles. If you don’t run as much, they can last for about 6 months before showing signs of damage.

8. Skechers Sport Memory Foam Vigor 2.0 – Best Lightweight

Skechers Sport Memory Foam Vigor 2.0 – Best Lightweight
  • Lots of cushions
  • Memory foam
  • Saddle lockdown capability
  • Real size not fitting posted size

Despite having just as much cushion as other options on this list, these shoes are much lighter than the industry’s standard. The main reason for such lightness in weight lies in the memory foam. With it, you can enjoy the offset without sacrificing your running speed.

The upper part of your foot also receives some reinforcement, thanks to the way the manufacturer does their embroidery. This technique ensures that the upper foot will offer some additional support to the lockdown of the saddle area. There will virtually be no slip.

You need to be careful while picking them, as the size posted may differ from their true size. The support system seems to be working properly, though. For this reason, we do not consider this issue too much of a deal-breaker.

9. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 – Best Response

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2
  • Springy and responsive
  • Low drop design
  • Good midfoot stride
  • Bad heel construction

The original Pegasus Turbo left quite a lasting impression on consumers thanks to being sturdy yet incredibly responsive. True to Nike’s fashion, this feature receives an upgrade with Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoes.

Nike made use of a new foam innovation that is still springy while soft enough for you to feel comfortable. You can practically feel every single step, which is valuable for training in marathons or any type of long-distance running.

This foam is already good enough for protecting your arches from collapsing while landing. That is why instead of further improvements in this direction, Nike decided to make a drop lower than average. This choice ensures that the midfoot has enough stride for better running.

We do want to note that the heel construction is not that comfortable if you happen to have bigger feet. They will get irritated real quick, as the heel will rub against your skin constantly.

10. Skechers Energy Afterburn Shoes – Best Fit

Skechers Energy Afterburn
  • Reliable upper
  • Plush ankle collar
  • Afterburn tech
  • Not good for short sprints

An inconvenience that many people with high arches have to deal with is the shoe not fitting properly. You will not have that issue with the Skechers Energy Afterburn Shoes. Due to the rugged material, they have reliable uppers, which never pinch.

This incredible fit is further improved with the help of a plush collar wrapping around the ankle. It will securely lock your feet down while still providing good breathability and also stretchiness. You will always feel comfortable in these shoes.

Moreover, the new sole material boasts a much better return for energy than any other shoes. The Afterburn tech will add a noticeable boost to your stride, reducing the work that your legs have to do. Consequently, you can do more long-distance hauls without tiring your muscles too much.

The biggest weakness of these shoes is that they are not suitable for short sprints. As their outsole is a little bit lacking, you can lose your balance if you put in too much force. The best way to use them is to do something like a marathon.

How To Pick The Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Below are some things that you need to check for to get the best high arch options.

Support And Cushioning

Cushioning has always been among the most vital parts of any type of running shoes. And it is especially important for people with higher arches.

Aside from the usual types of cushioning, you will need some extra support for your arch. A good solution is a thicker midsole and padding materials that are neither soft nor firm.

The thick midsole will prevent the high arch from collapsing each time you put your feet on the ground. Believe us; you never want to experience that type of pain.

Having the correct cushion material gives you a humongous advantage. If it is too soft, there will be no proper feedback, and this can lead to  overexertion. On the other hand, the materials being too firm will hurt your feet.

Stabilizing Features

There is a multitude of technologies designers make use of to keep your foot from excessive motions. On the tip of the tongue, you have varus wedges, dual-density foam, wider shoe geometries, medial posts, etc.

These options all have one single common goal, providing absolute stability as well as control. Moreover, they have a side benefit of preventing your foot from rolling inward. That is why we consider them as one of the most necessary aspects to look for if you have higher arches.

The Sock Liner

Sock liners are removable foam pads inside your shoes. Their main job is cushioning the contours of your foot’s bottom part. In other words, they are there to provide arch support for people suffering from high arches.

Many manufacturers tend to overlook this simple yet incredibly important part of the shoes. Fortunately, as they are removable, you can easily change them with something more suitable for your feet.

Toe Spring And Flex Grooves

These necessities are more for general running shoes than specific ones like sneakers for high arches. Nevertheless, we still decide to put them here because they decide whether you can run properly.

Adequate flex grooves under your shoes will make it capable of bending like your real foot. Also, the toe spring is the name of a practice where they either turn the toe up or cut the midsole. They must cut it in a specific way, which is a rocker pattern in this case. This design will allow your foot to naturally roll through each stride.


While doing research for this article, we stumbled upon some interesting questions. We hope that you can find some use from them.

What Kind Of Problems Are Caused By High Arches?

There are quite a lot of issues that have the cause being high arches. Among them, the most known ones are Metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. Both of these issues can severely limit your capability as a runner.

You will also have to deal with some less serious, but still annoying problems like hammertoes and claw toes. They are the main cause for ankle sprains while running.

The heels always pointing toward the body’s center are also just too dangerous. Running like this for a while and you will notice an intense pain in your heel.

Which Is Less Serious, High Arches, Or Flat Feet?

Each of these types has its own set of issues. For the flat feet, the soft tissues get hurt easily each time you place your feet down. The result is foot-related health problems such as runner’s knee and Achilles tendinopathy.

We have already explained the issues caused by higher arches above, like claw toes and hammer toes. While this issue causes less pain, the potential result is much more serious.

Find out more about knee pain and best running shoes for knee pain and Running Shoes For Shin Splints

How Do High Arches Limit Me From Running?

As high arches cause your feet to clamp up, you will be running with stiff legs. There is no way to bend the knees properly, limiting the speed you can go at.

My top picks

After reading through this buying guide for the best running shoes for high arches, we hope that you now have a clear choice. As long as you can focus on the cushioning and comfort, you cannot go wrong. Remember, some sacrifice in speed is never as important as your body’s well-being.

If you are still unsure what to choose, we recommend testing the water with the Under Armour Charged Assert 8. They will provide your feet with a 12 mm offset, good enough for almost all types of high arches.

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